Servicios de impuestos expertos

At Michael Di Pietro, CPA, we see our clients as part of our family. We take our time to get to know our clients on every level (business, individual and personal), focusing on the goals that they want to achieve, not only with their taxes but in their lives as a whole. This allows us to try to develop a personalized approach to tax services and wealth-building that is customized to their specific goals and situations. We do this at an affordable and competitive price.

Nuestros expertos conocen los impuestos. Somos diligentes en mantenernos informados sobre los cambios en el Código Tributario, casos judiciales, etc., que benefician a nuestros clientes.

We are experts in audit representation. We generally win well over 90% of the tax audits and can help to significantly reduce your tax liabilities.

Si necesitas ayuda con tu servicio de impuestos, por favor llámanos al (626)-486-1300 para tu consulta gratuita.

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