Paralegal Services

Paralegal services

Business entities such as corporations are excellent means of mitigating taxes. However, they come with the headache of maintaining and memorializing the minutebook. Both the IRS and California State require minutebook maintenance. Our paralegal services can help maintain it for you, if desired, at a fraction of the cost of an attorney.

Our paralegal services include:

Organizational Minutes

We record the first set of minutes when a company is first purchased or started to meet state law requirements. Our firm helps review all information and answer questions while ensuring all documentation is accurately completed.

Annual Minutes

Our firm fulfills your annual minutes requirement, as per state law, that protects you from personal liability in the case of a lawsuit, audit, or the sale of your business.

Partnership Agreements

We help construct partnership agreements that allow your business to prepare for partner business scenarios, plan for the instance of a partner leaving, and specify how to handle uneven partnership contributions.

Officer Loans

As part of our paralegal services, our team will help officer any loans between your business and a prospective lender, ensuring that all agreements not only suit your current business needs, but can also set you up to accomplish future business goals.

Equipment or Property Purchase and Rentals

Our team keeps track of all purchases and leasing of land, buildings, machinery, equipment, vehicles, furniture, among other fixed assets. We take each line item into account when working on mitigating your maximum tax deduction for accumulated depreciation.

Pension Plans

We memorialize your pension plan as per IRS requirements.

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